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As we train users on the various programs used on a day-to-day basis, we often recognise areas within a business that could benefit from optimisation of programs available via your Office 365 subscription.

For example, if you have users adding data into Excel, used as a database to record actions, events, tasks etc, then these would be better handled in a dedicated ‘Database’ database platform like MS Access, which will often be a part of your Office 365 subscription. 

Additionally, we come across issues where users are unaware of how to use other tools available via Office 365 and how to migrate systems and solutions to the cloud. Understanding and using these tools helps businesses to operate a truly hybrid solution, improving security, user efficiency and collaboration.

Areas where we can help businesses are SharePoint and OneDrive. Understanding how these features of your Office 365 package work, and how you can implement an effective and secure organisational intranet for document sharing and communications, can ensure users collaborate in clarity and within the boundaries of the business.

Through our 365R BUSINESS BOOST consultation, we look at your current Office 365 subscription. Based on your processes and workflows, we will provide a plan and recommendations to streamline areas of your business where you can maximise your use of of Office 365 applications. This will enable you to develop and implement integrated solutions to fill gaps where they can improve your overall business performance.

To support any recommendations and changes made, we include complete training days so all users understand how and why changes have been made and applied, ensuring they are introduced to any new working applications. Users are fully trained on how to use all new applications, complete with supporting documentation.


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