Learn Excel in a fun and engaging way!

Our Excel training courses are designed for beginners and experienced users alike. We offer a variety of courses to fit your needs, including:
  • Basic Excel: Learn the basics of Excel, including how to create and edit spreadsheets, use formulas and functions, and format data.
  • Intermediate Excel: Build on your basic skills and learn how to use more advanced features in Excel, such as PivotTables and Macros.
  • Advanced Excel: Master the most complex features in Excel, such as VBA programming and Power Pivot.
We're confident that you'll be able to learn Excel with our help. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Excel training today!

Benefits of learning Excel

There are many benefits to learning Excel, including:
  • Increased productivity: Excel can help you automate tasks, save time, and be more productive.
  • Improved decision-making: Excel can help you analyze data and make better decisions.
  • Enhanced communication: Excel can help you create reports and presentations that communicate your data clearly and effectively.
  • Increased job opportunities: Excel is a valuable skill that can help you get a job or advance in your career.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for our Excel training today and start learning the skills you need to succeed in today's world!
  During the training we can cover*:
  • How to navigate the Excel interface
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity
  • How to create your first Excel spreadsheet
  • Basic and intermediate Excel formulas and functions
  • To effectively apply formatting to cells and use conditional formatting
  • Effective use of Excel lists and sorting and filtering
  • To work efficiently by using the cut, copy, and paste options
  • Linking to other worksheets and workbooks
  • How to analyze data using charts
  • How to insert pictures into a spreadsheet
  • How to work with views, zooms, and freezing panes
  • Setting page layout and print options
  • Protecting and sharing workbooks
  • Saving your workbook in different file formats
* Depending on attendees progress on day, not all elements will be covered. 


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