Start-up Entrepreneur Support

Start-up Entrepreneur Support

As Covid has changed so much for many people, particularly young people, entrepreneurship is seen as the way forward for many, we applaud these individuals in these very challenging times.

We understand the pressures and often the substantial financial costs of starting up a new business.

To support new business start-ups and hopefully provide a solid and secure foundation for future growth of their new enterprise, we would like to offer up to 30 days FREE 5 user Virtual Digital Office (VDO), so all company users can work remotely, safely, and securely via a shared online office.

As part of this offer,  we will work with the new business by providing help, advice, and guidance on setting up the office tools needed, including user profiles to add new users to the virtual office as your business grows.

Why is a virtual office right for your business?

As a new business, it is very easy to set up with documents of all kinds created and saved. New employees’ setup and training must be taken on, with data and devices adding complexity to your business control.

With VDO, you can save a huge amount on capital expenditure by operating a BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, no longer having to go out and purchase expensive computers.

With BOYD, any employee you take on can use their own device to connect to your VDO safely and securely on a pre-configure office desk, for which you are in complete control. Nothing needs to be added or setup on the user’s device.

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