Virtual Digital Office

Virtual Digital Office

As businesses start to return to the office, and with the possibility of future working restrictions, have you got the right remote working facility for your business?
As a fully managed service, Virtual Digital Office (VDO) is a new affordable way for your business to provide a fully compliant, secure and scaleable service for your users.

Device independent, meaning regardless of your user equipment, VDO will work the same as if they were in the office or from any location, and as your business apps will be running on your cloud server and not the users device, performance and security are never compromised.

Additionally, with its auto scaling provision, which means, the services shut down when not required, your business can save up to 70% of the normal running costs of a remote desktop server.

Let us review your existing solution and provide you with a FREE 30 days VDO and see how it compares.

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Providing secure and compliant remote working for businesses of all sizes using Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • Allow  your users to work from any location
  • Works on any device, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android
  • Automatic scaling, add and remove resources
  • Separate business data from users personal data
  • Simply monthly subscription