In this SharePoint training course, we demonstrate how to make the most out of this web-based and collaborative storage platform.

We begin with the basics, such as how to create a SharePoint site and access and navigate the interface.

You’ll then learn how to build lists and libraries, which make up a lot of SharePoint content, so understanding how to create and manage these is an essential SharePoint skill.

We’ll walk you through how to expand your content by integrating with other Microsoft Office applications and automating workflows, such as document approval.

More than just a document management system, we show you how you can use SharePoint as an intranet site by creating web pages that include app parts, web parts, and other types of content. 

Finally, we dive deeper into managing user access and permissions, creating subsites, and customizing your site’s look and feel.

This course is ideal for those seeking to effectively set up and administer a simple, content-rich SharePoint site.

During the training we can cover*:
  • What SharePoint is and why it’s useful
  • How to navigate the SharePoint interface
  • How to create a SharePoint site
  • How to create and manage lists and libraries
  • How to create a discussion board
  • How to create and manage workflows with Power Automate
  • How to create and manage web pages
  • How to use app parts and web parts
  • How to integrate SharePoint with other Microsoft applications
  • How to customize user roles and permissions
  • How to create a subsite
  • How to customize a site’s theme
* Depending on attendees progress on day, not all elements will be covered. 


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