Virtual Digital Office (VDO)

Virtual Digital Office (VDO)

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Each package includes Microsoft 365 Business Premium for each user with one or more Virtual Machines (VM) Standard 4 vCPUs 16Gb ram. Additionally, each package includes an Azure Active Directory VM controller to secure and syncronise user logins via Active directory. 

The service (where required) includes user profiles configured using FSLogix to optimise the user experience with auto start & stop in depth first load balancing to support user provisioning. 

Prices shown are an estimate to give you an idea of costs. To ensure you have the correct package for your requirements we will undertake a review of your needs, prior to setting up the service with a full cost to deliver the service you need. When you add this to your cart, you will not be charged and we will be in touch to undertake our review of your needs to provide the perfect package for your business.

Select the number of users required for your business. If you have a different number of users, please contact us for a specific proposal.
Complete management of all Azure services for WVD. (Does not include on premise device support)
per month £325.00
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