159 Your Security Protection

October 19 2021

159 Your Security Protection

With the introduction of the UK's Bank line scam protection via the 159 number you can now check if you are being scammed immediately.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be your Bank or other UK instition, HMRC etc, you can now check this immediately by following these steps.

  1. Hang up the current call, regardless of what they say, if it's genuine they will understand and agree, no need to be polite!
  2. Call 159, at which point you will be put through to your bank to confirm if this is a genuine call.
Even if the call is from somewhere else purporting to be from your building society, bank, HMRC, if they are calling to talk about any of your financial services, just HANG UP THE CALL AND CALL 159

We have created a QR code to add this number to your contacts, if you are unsure on how to add to your contacts, but you can simply add this to your contacts so its readily available, and save as a favourite so its easy to find.

Importantly, tell your elderly family and friends and add to their phone contacts, remember this will work from a land line as well as a mobile phone!

We offer this qr code as a quick method to add to yours or a family members contacts, however, be aware if when you see this code and scan to add if it opens a webpage or any other action other than add a contact, just cancel what you are doing and add the contact manually. 


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