CSO Video Blogs


See our security updates courtesy of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) via our video blogs. Find out what’s required to keep your business safe and secure in this time of cyber and ransomware attacks, see what you can do to secure your business from a security compromise

October 19 2021

159 Your Security Protection

With the introduction of the UK's Bank line scam protection via the 159 number you can now check if you are being scammed immediately...

July 22 2020

Office 365 keeps your business compliant - around the clock

While implemented with the best of intentions, remaining compliant with data security requirements can be a massive burden on businesses,...

April 5 2020

Defend Against Cyber Threats with M365

Millions of new cyber threats are constantly circling the globe, and thousands of small and medium businesses are attacked every day.

March 30 2020

Creating a Security Culture at Your Business

Security isn't purely a technological challenge, it's also impacted by the behavior and corporate culture of your workforce.

March 22 2020

Introducing Microsoft 365 Business

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Business, see how M365 business protects your business with built in security.

March 2 2020

The Comprehensive 1-Minute IT Audit

What are the security needs for your small/medium business, and how are you addressing them? This IT audit, hosted by your Chief Security...

February 24 2020

How M365 Business Protects Your Data

Any small or medium business that stores or processes sensitive information is a target for attack. Learn how you can use Microsoft 365...

February 16 2020

Microsoft 365 Business Secures Your Devices

The security tools and tactics from just a few years ago don't protect devices and data like they used to. Microsoft 365 Business...