Remote learning with Azure Virtual Desktop


As a result of the COVID pandemic, remote working for your users is now an essential tool. With the introduction of Azure Virtual Desktop, known as AVD, your business can have a fully scaled solution deployed in hours in a secure and compliant environment. Take a look at our AVD videos showing what AVD is, how your user experience will be and how we can scale to meet your specific needs.

November 30 2021

Remote learning with Azure Virtual Desktop

When COVID-19 forced colleges to close, universities in The Russell Group turned to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for a quick, effective shift to remote learning. At Imperial College London, IT staff enabled remote access to 450 proprietary apps with AVD and deployed Azure Lab Services to provide instructors specialized computing environments for their students. Newcastle University only needed a single Azure tenant to serve 26,000 students on three campuses around the world. At University of Leeds, IT staff went live with capacity for 2,200 concurrent connections in a week.

You don't have to be this big to to make AVD worrk for your business, contact us today to discuss your needs.

FREE for 30 days

As business's now require remote working services, we are offering your first 30 day free of Azure Virtual Desktop service to provide you with a rapid no cost way to provide your users to work from any location.

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