Azure Virtual Desktop


As a result of the COVID pandemic, remote working for your users is now an essential tool. With the introduction of Azure Virtual Desktop, known as AVD, your business can have a fully scaled solution deployed in hours in a secure and compliant environment. Take a look at our AVD videos showing what AVD is, how your user experience will be and how we can scale to meet your specific needs.

March 2 2022

Infrastructure Migration Best Practices

Whether you are migrating or extending your Windows Server and SQL Server infrastructure to the cloud, a lift-and-shift approach can help...

February 23 2022

Security and compliance

Security and compliance budgets have gone up to better defend infrastructures in remote or hybrid work scenarios. Secure your business...

February 14 2022

Azure Virtual Desktop

Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure at your own pace with confidence. In the video...

December 7 2021

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop to enable your remote workforce

Simplify deployment and management of your infrastructure, and scale quickly based on your business needs. Review the infographic to...

November 30 2021

Remote learning with Azure Virtual Desktop

When COVID-19 forced colleges to close, universities in The Russell Group turned to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for a quick...

November 16 2021

Digital Transformation

What does a digital security transformation on a grand scale look like? St. Luke's University Health Network embarked on a journey...

June 9 2020

Optimise Your Remote Working Experience

Save up to 70% on your remote desktop service, In this short video we discuss how AVD can provide cost saving and performance benefits...

May 6 2020

Remote or Local App, there's no difference

In this short video, we demonstrate, from a users perspective, remote apps functioning the same as if they were used from the local...

April 28 2020

Remote working options

In this video, a recording of a recent webinar, I talk about the various ways in which you can provide remote working for your business...

March 15 2020

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Aure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a new service from Microsoft, which allows business to transfer their business to the cloud on single or...

March 15 2020

Azure Virtual Desktop?

In this video, we will show what Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is, many descriptions are presented in a technical way...

March 10 2020

AVD User Experience

In this video edit, we show from a users experience, how AVD works for them, and how they can use any of their devices...

March 5 2020

AVD User Scaling

As business can have many users, the ability to work remotely and have access to all normal business apps, scaling the service to meet...

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As business's now require remote working services, we are offering your first 30 day free of Azure Virtual Desktop service to provide you with a rapid no cost way to provide your users to work from any location.

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